There are many Stakeholders (companies) involved in the Cloud Computing media

Stakeholders that provide Cloud ServicesEdit


Here are some example of companies that provide Cloud Computing services

Amazon Web Services, Artisan Infrastructure, AT&T, Atmos, Cloudian, Connectria, FX Networks, Google Cloud Storage, HP Cloud Services, IMB SmartCloud Enterprise, Mezeo, Ninefold, Nirvanix, OpenStack, Peer1, RackSpace, Scality, SecurStore, Softlayer, Windstream and many more

There are also companies that provide secuirity for these Cloud servicers

Stakeholders that provide Cloud secuirity Edit

These are just some of the companies that provide security for your Cloud Services, all of them offer different advantages, and have different disadvantages from other companies

CloudSecurity Alliance, AppRiver, Awarness, CloudPassage, M86 Security, McAfee, Panda Security, PingIdentity, Qualys, SafeNet, Sentrigo, StillSecure, Syfer lock and many more found at


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