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Cloud computing is seen by some as an exciting new possibility in the world of computing and business. It is already changing the way people use their computers, assisting in the adoption of smaller, portable computers, with access to everything in the cloud (online). A cloud computing company can provide offsite storage, processing and resources to people and businesses all around the world, 24/7, reducing the need to invest in stronger, large computers with high storage and powerful processors in lieu of something less powerful, but just as effective at utilising the cloud computing services. These cloud companies often have large data centres that contain and process all of the data and information needed by their users, who need to be connected to the internet to access the service.

For example, the company Gaikai provides a free service to trial resource-demanding computer games that they run on a server, and then stream directly to the computer you are using. This allows even some of the cheapest and weak computers to easily play games that they would otherwise struggle to run. Even Apple, a giant in the technology sector, provides a simple cloud computing service. Their iCloud service allows a user to upload files from any of their computers or iDevices to a cloud server, which can then be accessed on any of their other devices.

This introduction may make it seem like cloud computing is amazing and definitely the way forward, but it still has a long way to go before everyone should go out and by some storage space on a server. There is more than one side to a coin, and cloud computing has just as many issues as it does advantages, especially since it requires an internet connection to be even useable at all, and for things like Gaikai’s streaming service can be next to useless without a connection of a considerable speed, often upward of 5 mbps.

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